Is Fasting a Fad or Fat Loss Fix?

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on April 2, 2018 - 4:23pm

Fasting has been around for centuries and continues to fall in and out of fashion.

It was not uncommon when I was in university for peers to attempt to drink nothing but water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for days at a time to either lose weight or "flush toxins".

Of course why people choose to fast could be its own unique topic, but the reasons vary from losing weight to helping recover from a disease.

Of course, like all things, there are fasts, and then there are fasts.

But is there any truth or relevancy to fasting or it is just something that crazy 'hippie' health-o-chondriacs do?

The purpose of this podcast is to help give you a clear understanding of not only the different kinds and types of fasts but their purpose and benefits (if any).

Here Is What We Covered

  • What is intermittent fasting and how is it different from other types of fasts?
  • How your digestive physiology works, what your genes expect and how knowing this information will give you the clues to whether or not fasting is a good idea for you to try.
  • Don't use intermittent fasting as a tactic. Don't try to shortcut your way to success. Spend the appropriate amount of time to figure out what is really holding you back from getting your nutrition on point.
  • How we have been able to integrate intermittent fasting into our own lives and how we've fared with it.
  • Is intermittent fasting for everyone? Who should do it and who shouldn't do it?
  • Is fasting similar to detoxing in any respect?
  • The preliminary steps to making this happen in your life.

Stuff From This Episode

Detox: Worthy Investment or Useless Fad?

How To Succeed At Intermittent Fasting

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