Why Grades Are Not Most Important

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on August 28, 2017 - 2:41pm

Like it or not, every year this time comes...

Summer is ending and the fall is moving in fast... and that means that school is on the way. In some parts of the world, you're kids have already started school.

Either way, the start of the school year is an interesting time for everybody. There are new dynamics needing to be dealt with, new relationships, the ending of some relationships, studying, stress, growth, and everything in between.

How can you ensure that your child and your whole family adapt to the coming school year in the best way possible?

What can you do to increase the likelihood that your child and family successfully meet the challenges of future life at school (and beyond) to the best of your ability...with the least amount of harm?

The principle at play is adaptability.

There is no question your child and your family will be under stress; the real concern is can you adapt to that stress or is it going to harm you and your child?

We don't know the answer because every situation is different. However, we can help put your child and your family in the best possible position to handle all the stress.

The purpose of this podcast is simple: we are going to talk about the three things you can do to make sure that (above all else) your child and your family are ready to grow and to become better this school year.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Why grades are not the most important metric. You might not agree, and that's okay, but the world is shifting and there is something much more important that you can teach your child other than getting good grades.
  • The one thing that every child needs more of during the school year and how to get it.
  • How to help decrease stress and anxiety in your child without having a lengthy conversation about it (which they will probably won't pay attention to anyway).

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--- Jamie & Kreso
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