Using Bio-Markers to Boost Longevity

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on November 13, 2017 - 12:37pm

The often repeated mantra at Life By Design is: "We don't guess, we test."

At the heart of this statement is the message to NOT only rely on subjectivity to determine your quality of health (or most other important things in your life).

People with no previous subjective indicators for heart disease die daily from heart attacks. This means one day they felt great and the next...

Do you see the problem with using how we feel as the main criteria for whether we are moving towards health or away from it?

This is where bio-markers come in.

What is a bio-marker? It's an objective measurement of the physiological processes that occur in the body.

The great news is many of these bio-markers can be used to predict our chances of living a long life.

In this episode we discuss some of the best ones and what you can do to boost your longevity.

Here Is What We Covered

  • The ONE mistake to avoid when using bio-markers to determine the quality of your health.
  • A marker far better than total cholesterol to grade your cardiovascular risk and for women, to judge your chance of dying from anything!
  • Details about an important mineral you need but are likely deficient in. Your lack could shorten your lifespan but it doesn't need's super easy to fix.
  • How your omega fat profile can dictate the health of your cell walls and what that means for a long healthy life.
  • The tale of the tape... What your waist circumference should be in order to maximize your chances of wearing those pants for a really long time.
  • A metric with MAJOR ramifications if you don't keep it in check (and of course how to do that).

Stuff From This Episode

7 Longevity Biomarkers to Track

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-- Jamie & Kreso
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