Welcome to Eat By Design Coaching!

When people ask what I do at Eat By Design Coaching I tell them...

"I help people transition into a sustainable, healthier lifestyle."

But what I really really want to say is...

"I show people that eating healthy doesn't have to be restrictive, time consuming, overwhelming or difficult and instead show them that it's totally possible to create a lifestyle that they love, that supports better health and that is sustainable for weight loss."

I give them the tools to get exactly what they want, which is to simplify eating real food while making it feel like they could sustain this healthy lifestyle forever. 

I have years of experience as a Holistic Nutritionist, helping hundreds of people create a "diet" they love in Canada, the US, New Zealand and Australia. 

My clients regularly see improvements in digestion, skin, mood, energy levels and body fat percentage all while getting more done in less time just by systematizing their weekly meal time routine.

And here's how...

I help you overcome this massive barrier to getting the health and body you want. It's an incorrect underlying philosophy that your body is designed to get sick, get fat, break down and require drugs, surgeries, therapies, diet pills and calorie counting to fix them. 

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Changing the way you fuel your body doesn't have to be restrictive, time consuming, overwhelming or difficult. You have the opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle that is simple, enjoyable and most importantly sustainable. 

Imagine waking up rested and keeping consistent energy the entire day.

Imagine having impeccable digestion and a vibrant appearance you're always being complimented on.

Imagine losing weight, being lean, strong and truly believing you're beautiful when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Think about if all this was possible without worry about counting calories or grams of fat. 

Imagine eating until you are satisfied without guilt.

Imagine not scrambling to get dinner on the table and instead feeling prepared and on top of your weekly meal plan. 

Imagine doing this all without a special diet pill, potion or shake. 

Imagine doing this by just eating real food and implementing my tried-and-tested mealtime systems and strategies that we'll tweak to match your individual goals, resources and busy lifestyle. 

Here's what you'll learn during your coaching program. 

  • How to change your body composition, lose weight and return to your body's natural, healthy, lean set point.
  • How to set your week up for success so you spend less time grocery shopping, meal prepping and doing dishes. 
  • How to use food to satisfy hunger instead of using it to deal with stress, anxiety or other emotions.
  • How to mindfully create a grocery budget and actually stick to it. 

Here's what you need to know about the Eat By Design Coaching Program. 

  1. This is not a diet. It's a framework to support you to create a sustainable lifestyle.
  2. This is not a weight loss program (although weight loss and fat loss are both common side benefits) but a program to support you to create a lasting and amazing relationship with real food.
  3. This is not an automated 1-size-fits all program. You will be speaking with a trained professional (me) each week.
  4. This is not a jacuzzi experience, one that feels good and exciting in the moment, but disappears once you're finished. You will walk away with specific action steps that you can continue to leverage for the rest of your life, including a shift in the way you think about food and nutrition.

Like I said, I am not offering you a typical diet program. Here's what some of my coaching clients are saying.

"The coaching is different than any other program I've been in before. It's self reflective, evolving and focused on inner health and what is most important to me, not my coach. I have learned more about myself in the last 12 weeks than in my lifetime." -- Sharon T.

"There is so much conflicting information out there on food and nutrition. The knowledge I gained from the Eat By Design Coaching program will stay with me for my lifetime. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in living with health as the norm!" -- Nancy G.

"Throughout the process, my coach was professional, kind in her approach, enthusiastic, and extremely supportive whether via email or on our calls. I gained much more than at eating plan; with my coach's help, and in just 4 weeks of Eating By Design I have seen great improvements in my digestive system, my skin, mood, and energy levels. I now have really useful tools and strategies to provide healthy meals for my family." -- Amber N.

"Eat By Design Coaching is the most important health decision I have made in the last 20 years. I have gone from floundering to thriving. I've dramatically increased my energy levels, lost weight, increased strength and most importantly, deepened the connection with my family." -- John C.

How does the coaching program work? 

You will start with a 90-minute Strategy Session (over the phone or on Skype) which is designed to help uncover your most important health or weight loss goals and to create a personalized action plan that you can begin implementing immediately. 

You then become eligible to enter into one of my ongoing accountability programs where you continue to receive ongoing 1-on-1 support in order to gradually implement and improve on the action steps you and your coach created. The Ongoing Accountability Programs range from 4-12 weeks.

Once you complete your 1-on-1 Coaching Program you are then eligible to continue with our monthly Graduates Accountability Calls where we will continue to focus and strengthen your actions steps on a monthly absis.

So here's what I want you to do next.

To download your Free 7-Day Real Food Meal Plan click here and have our gluten-free, grain-free, paleo-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, shopping lists and tips delivered directly to your inbox.

Or if you're truly looking for the support to get a healthy body without spending half your day meal planning, grocery shopping, food prepping and on clean up then you need to understand the fundamental mealtime systems.

This is what we show you when you sign up for your 90-minute Strategy Session.

Ok, I'm ready! Click here to sign up for your 90-minute Strategy Session.

Why put off creating the healthy lifestyle of your dreams any longer? Plus, your Strategy Session comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

I don't want to waste your time or money.


P.S. No matter how much you have to change, lose or gain, whether you are looking to improve your own health or that of your entire family, it's your time. Right now. To work with us and schedule your 90-minute Strategy Session click here.

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