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We have clear indicators that our body requires much more and different types of movement than are currently considered "normal" for the average person. Move By Design is based on four simple parameters: Be Mobile, Lift Heavy, Go Fast, Move Slow. They form the basic foundations for optimal human movement, health and longevity.

Be Mobile

 Our lives are filled with daily stressors like sitting at desks, driving, working on computers, watching TV, even toxic food and emotional chaos contribute to the poor movement patterns seen in the average human. We’ve progressively become less active and this change for the worse has placed us into environments that are pushing our species away from its natural design and the flourishing state of health we deserve. Starting with a basic mobility program is the smart way to begin restoring healthy movement.

Lift Heavy

Being strong translates into every area of life from enhanced performance to optimal health.  Relative strength is fundamental to thriving in our modern world yet, for the vast majority of all civilized populations, it is nearly non-existent. It’s no surprise degenerative diseases, workplace injuries, and disability are commonplace.

To add strength we must add resistance to a mobile body and that means to Lift Heavy. Of course, it needs to be scaled for each individual with some people starting at body weight movements and others being ready for low repetition compound lifts, while others can be scaled to more power driven Olympic lifting.

Go Fast

Contrary to conventional wisdom, hours on a treadmill or miles on the pavement each week are not necessary for conditioning of the cardiovascular system or fat loss. In fact, evidence shows they may be detrimental.

In order to increase work capacity, increase metabolic demand while continuing to adapt, repair and enhance function; implement a higher intensity, shorter duration conditioning session.  This can be as simple as intervals for 5-15 minutes using body weight movements, kettelbells, compound exercises or sprinting.

Move Slow

Not every day needs to be a training day! While we have considerably more requirement for movement than most people expect, sometimes a bike ride with the kids, swimming at the beach or walking in nature is the most valuable time we can spend.

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