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on November 22, 2012 - 10:36am
Move By Design

We have clear indicators that our body requires much more and different types of movement than are currently “normal” for the average person.

Move By Design is based on 4 parameters: Be Mobile, Lift Heavy, Go Fast, Move Slow. 

Depending on goals and objectives, each one of these areas can be tailored individually, but they form the basic foundations for optimal human movement, health and longevity.

But before you even consider loading the body with resistance and start lifting heavy, you need to ensure the integrity of all your joints, soft tissues and quality of movement throughout all ranges of motion.

There are 4 components to the Move By Design Mobility Program:

Joint to Joint Motion - Daily movement is not simply “good for you”, it is an ESSENTIAL.  This means it’s an absolute must if you have any hope of achieving the best you possible.

Foam Rolling - Through injury, disuse and/or excessive stressors on an already unhealthy structure, the myofascial system can breakdown, develop adaptive scar tissue and even become stuck. Foam rolling can aid in the release of these adhesions and scar tissues, slowly restoring integrity to the myofascial system.

Dynamic Mobility - These activation exercises awaken muscles that become amnesic from sitting on our butts all day and perpetuating poor posture.

Primal Patterning - These basic primal patterns are designed to reestablish primal brain function & primal connections in the brain and nervous system.

Do not skip this step!!! Next to Chiropractic care for a healthy spine and nerve system, a consistent mobility program is one of the most overlooked but impactful actions you will ever incorporate into your life.

Be sure to ask your Life By Design Certified Chiropractor for the entire Move By Design Mobility Program.


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