Becoming No One

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on August 26, 2019 - 3:55pm

Becoming an emotionally stronger, more self-reliant person with strong self-esteem is vital to you success in life.

If you want to pursue any kind of rational values in a virtuous way, you'll find out very quickly that the world will stand in your way. After all, what you're after is not easy, it's hard, and it should be hard.

For you to achieve your desires, whether it be a relationship, career, status, finances, etc., you will have to become the person with those character traits and abilities. This will require a lot of effort and hard work. Becoming a different person can take a lot of work.

There seems to be a trend that's emerging again lately. It's nothing new, it's been around for a long time (maybe it's just because we've been fascinated with reading more about it); it's this idea teaching you that for you to get what you want you must become no-one and nothing.

We've heard it expressed many different ways and by many different people: overcoming the ego, join the unified field, becoming one with all things, etc.

But is this really possible and is it beneficial? That all depends on you and your goals. In this episode, we discuss our thoughts and experiences on the topic.

Here Is What We Covered

  • What is the self and should you care? When someone refers to the ego or 'you' what do they mean? What is 'youness' and is this an important characteristic?
  • Is your ego helpful, or does a successful, happy life require you to overcome it?
  • Why we believe these are important questions for you to answer and consider for yourself, and how we have applied to our own lives.

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