How Much Should Children Exercise?

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on April 30, 2018 - 2:33pm

Questions like these are always amusing...

They're amusing because of the way that it's framed and answered.

To be clear, we don't talk about 'exercise' for children because it sounds like an intervention. Using that language makes it sound like we are trying to treat and prevent a problem for kids, which is why this CNN article is so very interesting.

All of the CDC, NHS, and other government organizations recommendations for exercise stem from research on how much is required to reduce or prevent a disease or condition from happening, not how much is required to create an extraordinary child.

It's like asking "How much money should I save to not go bankrupt" vs. "What do I need to do to be wealthy?"

Our goal is to help create extraordinary kids with exceptional levels of health - not just avoid disease and illness.

The purpose of this podcast is to answer two importnat questions: How much exercise do kids need to be their absolute best and how you can make that happen for them.

Here Is What We Covered

  • It starts with you mom and dad. Remember the first time you said something exactly the same way your parents did? Your children have the greatest chance at becoming you and they will mimic your habits and beliefs. If you want your children to grow up loving to exercise then you need to create an environment where that is a part of their life.
  • Scheduling and knowing your child. Everything for a child is a little bit different. It's easy to say "I'm taking John to try gymnastics" but what if he doesn't like it? How can you introduce them to things that they will actually want to do?
  • What are the best recommendations for exercise for kids to maximize their potential?

Stuff From This Episode

How much exercise your kid needs, based on the latest research

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