Choose Your Hard

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on November 2, 2020 - 12:10pm

There was, and maybe it's still being circulated on your social media feeds, a meme that goes something like this:

"Losing weight is hard; being overweight is hard; choose your hard."

"Being broke is hard; Becoming rich is hard; choose your hard."

"Change is hard; staying the same is hard; choose your hard."

You get the idea.

There was just something unsettling enough about this meme that warranted us to have a conversation and discussion about it and this podcast is the result of that conversation.

So what, who cares, right?

We believe you'll care because your ideas and beliefs literally dictate your life, your happiness, what you believe is possible for yourself and all else.

So to accept or dismiss an idea without properly thinking about it and breaking it down is extremely detrimental to your life.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Why context is king and why before accepting any slogan, no matter how it makes you feel, it must be especially considered and analyzed.
  • Why ideas matter and why your beliefs will literally dictate, over time, the quality of your life and your level of happiness.
  • In what ways this quote is true and what value we can take from it.
  • In what ways this quote is false and where, we believe, it could be dangerous to your life.

Stuff From This Episode

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--- Jamie & Kreso

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