Why You Should Register For The CrossFit Open

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on February 18, 2019 - 4:22pm

Thursday, February 21st marks the start of the 2019 CrossFit Open.

Every year CrossFit crowns the fittest man and woman on the earth.

The way you earn this prestigious title is by winning the CrossFit games, and the way you get to the CrossFit games is by entering the CrossFit Open, placing well enough to go to regionals and then winning regionals.

We think you should register for the CrossFit open this year.

Why would we recommend this to you?

For many reasons one of which is not because we get anything from it. It's true we own a CrossFit and training facility with a similar approach, and in general, love the training model, but our recommendation has everything to do with you and your personal growth, development, and health.

We've all heard the saying that growth happens outside of your comfort zone, well, what better way to get uncomfortable about your fitness than registering for the CrossFit open.

Every year the same thing happens during the open. There are people there, who are scared and think they shouldn't be there and they absolutely blow themselves away with how great they perform.

We're willing to bet the same is right for you - deep inside you're much better than you think you are - and this is one way to challenge yourself to reach up and bit a bit better.

But it's not the only way...

On this episode of Life By Design we talk about getting out of your comfort zone in general and discuss some of the other things you could do!

Here Is What We Covered

  • The power behind reaching outside your comfort zone.
  • Safety first, please ensure that you're performing these workouts under the supervision of trained coaches and staff. CrossFit is fun but can be hard, do it correctly.
  • Why you need a standard to measure against.
  • Other ways to "get out of your comfort zone".

Stuff From This Episode

Register for the CrossFit Open

CrossFit grandmother

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-- Jamie & Kreso

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