Best Diet Advice I Ever Got

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on June 8, 2020 - 9:32pm

Dr. K here...

My relationship with food used to suck. It's hard to admit that to you.

Growing up, food was the go-to for everything.

"Have a bad day? No problem, let me make you a pie." "You made the team? Awesome, let's celebrate, let me make you a pie."

Let me be clear:

I used to think fat made you fat,

I used to think carbs made you fat,

I used to think anything that wasn't organic was poison,

I used to think sugar was the devil,

I used to think fructose was the devil,

I used to think fruit made you fat,

I used to think I had to eat small meals,

I used to think breakfast was the most vital meal of the day,

I used to think saturated fat and cholesterol would kill you,

I used to think skipping a meal was metabolic suicide,

I used to think eat all your meals was metabolic suicide,

I used to think too much protein was going to kill my kidneys,

I used to think grains were a food group,

And, I got most of this from well-meaning and smart people.

On this podcast, we discuss two big-ticket pieces of diet advice that made a massive impact on my diet and my health.

Here Is What We Covered

  • What allowed me to take the depravity and stress out of eating.
  • What helped me keep on track during this stressful crises.
  • Two pieces of advice that really changed my outlook on nutrition and dieting.
  • How to apply this advice to your own life.
  • How to properly set goals around your nutrition.

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