Economics of Health

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on May 13, 2012 - 11:34am
Think By Design

There is no arguing that the state of the world economy is a mess -- as is the state of our health. We are sicker than we’ve ever been, and it’s only getting worse. As the one thing required for a healthy economy is capital, the same is true for the health of our bodies – we must have an abundance of “capital” to experience the quality of life we all deserve. We do this by making deposits into our health savings account.

At Life By Design, we believe that the body’s natural, normal state is healthy. We believe in thriving, not just surviving. We know this state can only be approximated once we provide the body with the basic requirements of life.

If you look at a wilting plant, your first step would never be an attempt at diagnosis. It would never be an attempt to label it with a named disease. Instead, the logical question is “What does this plant need that it may be missing?” and you would go through the list - water, sunlight, nutrient-rich soil, a free and clear area to grow, carbon dioxide. The same is true for the body -- give it what it requires, do it consistently and for a long enough period of time, and you will thrive.

Every time you get your POWER turned on at Achieve Balance Chiropractic. eat a By Design meal, and get quality sleep -- essentially, live a life By Design -- you’re making deposits into your health savings account. You’re increasing your overall health capital.

Just like in business, increasing your capital will allow you to expand your opportunities and your ability to affect the world. Our health capital allows us to perform, contribute, and handle any task life may deliver - willingly or unwillingly. This also allows us to make withdrawals from our savings account without the same detrimental effects it would have on those with less health capital.

Every time you take the actions to live your life By Design, you’re making deposits in your account. Every time you take the actions that are at odds with your design, you’re making withdrawals from your account. You cannot continue to make withdrawals without eventually going into the red. Health, just like wealth, cannot be created out of thin air. We must take the necessary actions required to produce the health and life we dream of and desire.


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