Traits Of Emotional Resilience

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on September 16, 2019 - 1:44pm

This past Tuesday was Suicide Prevention Day.

It's sad to reflect on your life and think of all the people you who know that have committed suicide. It's even more sad to think that everyone else also knows people who have committed suicide.

Keeping in the spirit of being positive and productive, we wanted to use this podcast to talk about an article that was written on the 10 Traits of Emotionally Resilient People.

Emotional resilience is being able to handle whatever life throws at you - and we know life can throw a lot - and keep moving forward towards your values and dreams. It doesn't mean being perfect, having it all together, or not having moments of weakness. It means doing your best, and not staying in a down place for very long.

Here Is What We Covered

  • The 10 traits listed in the article with a discussion on each one. What we liked, what we didn't and most importantly how that applies to real life and how we (and hopefully you) can benefit from using this information.
  • How to create Emotional Resilience. It's all well and good to know what it is and to have it, but how do we cultivate it and grow it if we don't have it? Where does it come from?
  • How to begin creating this in your children. The more kids can learn what emotional resilience looks like, the more stress and pain you'll be saving them.

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10 Traits of Emotionally Resilient People

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