Exercise During Pregnancy Reduces Complications

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on October 29, 2018 - 3:02pm

It is always nice, and not surprising, when you read research that supports the idea that improving health makes everything, in this case pregnancy and birth, more comfortable and better for the person who's health increased.

In a study published by the University of Alberta - 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise can result in a 40 percent reduction in the risk of developing gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia researchers discovered.

It was also interesting to note that Margie Davenport, a cardiovascular researcher at the University of Alberta, commented that pregnant women have been understudied in the past.

The purpose of this podcast is to discuss this research, what it means for pregnant women, and most importantly how to take and apply this research into tangible steps for you to be able to do something with it.

It is one thing to know that exercise is good for you, yet another completely different thing to be able to take that research and do something with it.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Requirements vs. Strategies - Just because you're pregnant the physiological needs of your body have not changed. If anything, what was once 'good for you' becomes even more important since your body has greater biological demands placed on it.
  • We review the study and discuss the effects on pregnancy.
  • Can you really count the recommendations 150 minutes of moderately intense activity as enough or can you expect a little more from your body as a pregnant mama?
  • What you should and shouldn't do, exercise wise, while pregnant. Especially if you've never exercised or trained in the past.
  • Other health boosting requirements for the pregnant woman.

Stuff From This Episode

Exercise during pregnancy can reduce risk of major complications, U of A-led research finds

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