Be Sure To Eat Your Fat

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on October 3, 2018 - 7:23am

Is fat bad for you? And is there such a thing as good fat and bad fat?

The answer is yes and yes, although not for the reasons that you might suspect...

Humans are not new to eating food. This is not meant to be an inflammatory statement, simply a reminder that we've been eating the same things for generations, like 40,000 years. We've hunted, we gathered and we not only survived, but thrived.

This also means that we've adapted to certain things (fats from real foods), while not knowing what to do with others (fats from artificially created foods). Fat is one of those things that we've adapted to very well over time. Some researchers and anthropologists argue that fat has been such a vital part of our nutrient base that it has made us who we are as humans.

Then how can it be bad?

Just because fat is a requirement for your life and optimum health doesn't mean that you get to eat it carte blanche. It also doesn't mean that you can avoid the source of it without any consequences or that you can have other bad habits because you're eating fat and that's 'good for you.'

The purpose of this podcast is to take a closer look at fat.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Macronutrient basics. What's a macronutrient and why do you need to know.
  • The different macronutrients and food groups. You need one, the other is just arbitrarily created and isn't a real thing.
  • The purpose of fat in your body.
  • The different kinds of fat that exist and why having almost ALL of them is important for you.
  • Toxicity vs. Deficiency. What happens to your body when macronutrients are removed for long periods of time.

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