We Want The Good Germs

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on November 23, 2020 - 9:28pm

Germs are a part of the world we live in and are necessary to a healthy productive human life.

Bacteria plays a vital role in our normal physiology and not all types should be feared or avoided.

It's one of those things that belong in the 'optimize' category.

This means you want to avoid deadly or harmful bacteria while maximizing the 'good' or beneficial bacteria that you want.

It's one of the reasons that probiotics are a Life By Design recommended supplement; many of us have been on countless antibiotic prescriptions and have not given our body the time to recover and regrow our normal, natural flora.

This can play out in many ways.

See the attached study where probiotics given to women with recurrent urinary tract infections, helped the rate, and intensity subside to the point where probiotics are being considered as a potential treatment option for recurrent urinary tract infections in women.

But that's not the point of the podcast.

The naysayers will say, and rightly so in this case, that we need more research and that more study is required to make a decision.

But that's not the point, which is exactly the point of the podcast.

Here Is What We Covered

  • The study and why it's cool and important for you to understand.
  • Why treatment protocols are not the purpose of supplements and why you shouldn't judge your health by symptoms.
  • Strategies and requirements and why that's so important for you and your family.

Stuff From This Episode

The role of probiotics in women with recurrent urinary tract infections

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