Top Health Care Trends In 2018

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on June 25, 2018 - 12:57pm

Trends are always fun to follow...they're fun because it's a glimpse of where the current thinking is at and most importantly where its' going.

It also gives you good insight into what problems we are facing and how we are trying to solve them.

The purpose of this episode is to review the article on the top health trends of 2018 and share our insight into which ones we love, which ones we don't and most importantly, we share what you can do to either buck or ride the trends to success.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Principles over tactics. Unfortunately, what's not going to change in the popular media is the search for the next quick fix vs. the long-term strategy that will get you what you want (but takes longer and is much harder to do). The article discusses Moringa and skin protection from pollution and technology, without bothering to mention the basics - good basic nutrition. If the Golgi berries didn't do it, then another plant, no matter how rare, won't either.
  • The increasing use of Technology. YES!! It's about time tech is going to increase it's presence in health care. Enough waiting, enough scheduling, we love seeing people start taking their health into their own hands.
  • Self-Care. We love the trend toward self-care, meditation, mindfulness; it's all great. Mental health has been a ever growing topic that is getting more exposure than ever before and the solutions tend to be more responsibility focused, which is a great trend.

Stuff From This Episode

The Top 18 Trends Of 2018 Are Here!

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