Health Is Wealth

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on May 7, 2014 - 9:39am
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This concept has been explored before on this blog, but its an important one worth reviewing over and over again.

Health is this world's greatest wealth and our greatest investment.

Let’s have a chat about wealth, and whether you are wealthy or not, without looking at your bank account or investment portfolio.

Lots of people strive to make more money, work like dogs and never invest in their health. The world is riddled with stories like this. Robin Sharma's classic "Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" outlines this idea of focusing solely on furthering your career and making more money without taking into account the effects its having on your health.  That is until one day, in the middle of the court room, the protagonist collapses due to a major, non-fatal heart attack.

What lessons can we take from this story that we've all heard so many times?

First, lets start with money and why we feel the need to constantly strive for more.

For many, our concepts about money come from a mindset of scarcity, that there is not enough to go around or someone is going to take it.

The truth is, money is a tool to be used to enhance our lives. But if it is never used it won't improve our lives in any way.

What would happen if you lost your health? If you never invested in your health and saved all your money or spent it on non-essentials, what would happen?

Every year, dad's drop dead of heart attacks, women die in labour and accidents occur. If we become the healthiest, most extraordinary version of ourselves, we help to minimize these risks and make it much more likely we can recover from any health challenge.

Think about it.  If you lost your health it's likely you'll also:

  • Lose your ability to work and make more money for your family
  • Lose your ability to play with your kids or help care for them
  • Lose your ability to play your favourite sport and have to "retire"

If you were not able to recover from your challenge, who would be there to support your family and make decisions on their behalf?

Its not all doom and gloom and we are not saying you have to be poor to be healthy or spend all your money on enhancing your health; its okay to save and have a reserve, in fact your success depends on it.

What we are saying is that its important to invest your resources, both time and money into your health. This is one investment that is sure to pay off.

What kind of things should you invest in? 

  • The quality and type of food you eat.
  • Making sure you and your family are engaged in physical activity.
  • Taking a family vacation to bonding, to learn about the world, learn new skills and become better people.
  • Chiropractic care to help lay the foundation of health for you and your family. Your body works better, is able to heal and function the way it was designed when you have optimal nerve function.

These investments will definitely enhance your life, bring you more enjoyment and make you a better person, which further adds to its value. Will you do better in business, learn to become a better negotiator if you become worldlier, less stressed out and have a loving relationship with your family? Absolutely!

We want you and your family to be wealthy in health and live the most extraordinary life you can. The world's greatest wealth is your own health. With it, anything is possible. Without it, you cannot achieve what you set out to do.

Of course, the change starts with you, so start today.

You have to live it to lead it.

Now its your turn.  What will you do to enhance your family’s health and build the world's greatest wealth within you?


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