What Are You Leaving Your Kids?

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on June 3, 2019 - 8:05pm

Being a parent is a fantastic experience in many ways; sometimes, because it's challenging and other times because you can experience love and joy beyond any measure possible.

Children seem to be the great divider of time in our lives - almost like the B.C and A.D of us. There was your life before you had kids where you had time, other interests and could remember doing things and there's your life after kids where you're busy, on a schedule, and always have another part of you that's out there in the world...and whether you're 90 and they're 70, they will always be your kids.

One of the things you're forced to deal with when you have kids is your own mortality, what will happen to them if something happens to me, and what do I want to leave them with after I'm gone?

Most of the time, 'things' get thought of when you ask yourself that question: your house, your investments, your possessions, etc. That is an essential line of thinking because those things are important. Yet, there is something more important than that - your values, principles, and ideas.

Of all the great Industrial families who made a massive amount of money - only the Rockefeller fortune still exists to an even higher level than it did when J.D. was creating his wealth.

This is because J.D. understood that things are a result of the way you think. So he set in motion a play that would only allow his heirs access to the Rockefeller trust if they proved they were worthy and could handle it.

Because we are humans - philosophy, ideas, and values matter, which ones are you leaving to your kids?

Here Is What We Covered

  • Is free time a paradox? We spend most of our time 'wanting some time off,' even though when we get it; it doesn't seem to make us any happier.
  • The principles and ideas we want to leave our children and grandchildren; our legacy.

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