Exercise, Sleep, Screens and Kids Under 5

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on May 13, 2019 - 12:50pm

"Drvo se savija dok je mlado" - Croatian Proverb

The above statement translated into English means that the "tree is bent when it is young." This saying can also be a metaphorical statement implying that the habits and environment experienced as a child tends to continue into adulthood.

The is precisely the mindset the United Nations Public Health Agency had in mind when they made their newest recommendations for sleep, exercise and screen time in 1-5 years olds.

Previously, there were no recommendations for children below five years old.

However, due to the idea (and evidence) that children who are obese, tend to become adults that are obese (obesity increases all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes), the United Nations Public Health Agency is trying to help 'bend the tree' in the healthy direction by creating guidelines surrounding screen time, exercise and sleep, for children under five.

The purpose of this podcast is to review those guidelines and offer suggestions on how to make them a reality for your family.

Here Is What We Covered

  • A review of the World Health Organization recommendations if your child is under one year old.
  • A review of the World Health Organization recommendations if your child is between one and two.
  • A review of the World Health Organization recommendations if your child is three to four years old.
  • How to make these recommendations a reality...it's easy to read something and understand it, much harder to implement something and start doing it regularly. We help share our tips and tricks for making this a realistic plan in your household.

Stuff From This Episode

Exercise, sleep, screens: New guidelines for children under 5

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