Art Therapy and Creativity w/ Lanie Smith

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on March 19, 2018 - 9:12am

On this episode, I'm excited to have with us Lanie Smith.

Lanie is a Registered Art Therapist, owner/founder of Integrative Art Therapy, and a Transformational Wellness Coach. She's watched so many clients learn how to “bring the inside out and the outside in” to allow greater ease and flow in their life.

Her passion is to help you recognize your innate wisdom and beauty as it’s reflected in the trees, mountains, wildlife, and in your creativity. Creative expression and nature are powerful tools to guide us.

Lanie strives in helping clients discover that inner connection that she believes we all have. Lanie thinks that "Dis-ease and chronic stress are the direct results of misalignment and imbalance" and find that connection within yourself is the way for you to feel more connected and grateful.

The purpose of this podcast is to learn more about what art therapy is and why it may be helpful for you.

Here Is What We Covered

  • What is art therapy and how you can use it to become happier.
  • How to catch yourself heading down the path to overwhelm and how you can prevent that problem.
  • Why the art you create (not just painting but everything) can be a sign of your current mental state.
  • Why spending time in nature is a very good idea.
  • How everyone is creative and why that doesn't necessarily mean being a painter.
  • Ways that you can become better at listening to yourself and better at being more present with your thoughts and emotions. Being present and learning to understand what is happening in your body, is one of the best ways to find your inner peace.

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