You Might Not Be Lazy Or Lack Willpower

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on August 8, 2019 - 7:40am

In his incredible definition of self-esteem, Dr. Nathanial Branden (author of one of Life By Design's favourite books - The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem) mentions that the hardest judgment we pass is on ourselves.

Interestingly, he chose to keep that thought in his definition of self-esteem, most likely because of the astonishing amount of times we, humans, think that our behaviour, thoughts, and actions are inherently broken or wrong.

Our culture has done an excellent job of teaching us that no matter our personal circumstances, we are never enough. We are never rich, beautiful, happy, in love, thin, strong, etc., enough no matter what we do.

On this episode, I talk about procrastination, willpower and laziness.

Of course, there are times we are these things. Even the hardest working and most productive person will have times when they feel lazy and unmotivated.

I'm going to argue that procrastination and lack of will power get substituted, more often than not, for the real cause that you don't get things done which is - lack of clarity.

The purpose of this episode is to discuss how lack of clarity can be the primary cause of failing to meet your goals and vision.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Self-esteem and why it's so important to have it in today's world.
  • The importance of clarity, how to develop it, and why having a good plan is necessary for getting things done.
  • How to develop more clarity in your life.

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