Get Built Up Not Burnt Out w/Marcus Filly

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on July 22, 2019 - 12:00pm

This truly was one of my favorite episodes to record.

Was it because of the fantastic content? Yes. Of course the content was wonderful and for many, the concepts we covered will challenge your current training approach and lead to significant and results boosting action.

But it was more than the content... it was the guest.

On today's episode of the Life By Design Podcast I had the opportunity to speak with 6x CrossFit Games athlete (including finishing as the 12th fittest man in the world in 2016) Marcus Filly.

Marcus is a husband, father of 2 daughters and the CEO and Founder of Revival Strength and Functional Bodybuilding, and creator of Awaken Training Series.

What I loved about this episode was the value systems and principles that make up this functional bodybuilding model. The amount of crossover with Life By Design lead to a detailed dive into what works in the functional fitness real world and what doesn't.

Here Is What We Covered

  • The journey that lead Marcus from a high school athlete to Division 1 athletics to the CrossFit Games and eventually leaving CrossFit altogether to create a more logical approach to functional fitness.
  • The pitfalls of Traditional CrossFit Marcus witnessed while coaching in his own facility...including the secret to behind the "I look too bulky" statement heard from many women.
  • The 3 fundamentals of Functional Bodybuilding that highlight a massive shift from most program design within the functional fitness world.
  • How to move athletes from trying to hit PR's and burning out to consistently, frequent, recoverable training that yields results over time.

Stuff From This Episode

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--- Jamie & Kreso

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