The Medical Breakthrough That Should Turn Your Health Upside Down

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on August 1, 2019 - 11:52am
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It was only decades ago that medical researchers began to uncover one of the most important discoveries in the last century and one that, if understood, could change the face of health for literally billions.

This discovery was a vital detail about the most terrifying of all medical conditions...CANCER.

That 6 letter word we never want to hear and when we do, it sends anyone reeling into fear and despair.

What researchers learned is that a tumour, aside from some more aggressive types, was much MORE slow growing than it was first thought.

By slow, I mean it can take some breast and bowel tumours over 10 years to grow into a detectable size and there are documented cases of tumours being over 40 years old!!!

You may be thinking the value in this discovery was that early detection programs were the key to health. Catch it earlier and with more time to "treat" the condition at hand.

That's exactly what was done and the results from studies following the outcomes are mixed and controversial. This is why you may have noticed a change in suggested screening frequency, especially in the case of breast cancer as one example.

The REAL LESSON from this discovery is...

You can NEVER use the lack of symptoms to judge your level of health.

This is without question the single biggest mistake people make when it comes to being healthy today and in the future.

The decision we make to not take any form of action - eating a healthy diet, physically training our body, paying extra attention to the quality of our sleep, correcting problems with our structure, addressing stress overload... the list goes on.

At least not until we think we have "a problem".

Unfortunately, CANCER has taught us that "our problems" can exist without us knowing it and the decision to not be actively engaged in a Blueprint For Health will come back to haunt us later and sometimes, later will be much too late.

Here are 5 things you can do right away that will improve your lifestyle dramatically and make a lasting impact on your health:

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking still remains one of the top risk factors for cancer and other health conditions. Removing this toxicity from your life will go a LONG way to boosting your quantity and quality.

2. Get adequate Vitamin D

Research continues to grow supporting Vitamin D sufficiency. If you get yours from the sun, be sure to avoid getting excessive exposure and burning the skin as that has negative consequences than can offset the benefits. 

3. Exercise Daily

If there were a magic health bullet, regular exercise is it! Physically training our bodies has a positive influence on nearly every measurable aspect of your health.

4. Make Quality Sleep a Priority

Meeting your sleep requirements gives your body an opportunity to recovery, repair and recharge. In our busy world, sleep is being diminished at an alarming rate and our health is paying the price.

5. Eat More Veggies & Less Processed Meat

A diet built on real, whole foods has been demonstrated to reduce the incidence of disease and improve other health markers.

Eat By Design supports vegetables, healthy animal products and good fats as the basis for optimal nutrition.

The best part about having a Health Blueprint is that it takes the guess work out of your daily lifestyle!

Since health is more than just being symptom free… having a plan can boost consistency and help safeguard your well-being into the future.


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