Let's Talk About Mental Health

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on January 28, 2019 - 2:36pm

January 30th is Bell's Let's Talk day and we know what's coming...

Many people in our lives will share both excruciatingly painful and incredibly inspiring stories about their previous struggles and triumphs over their mental health challenges.

It's always surprising who posts because you would have 'never expected that person to have a mental health problem,' and that's exactly the point - there is not one person that's not affected by mental health challenges whether directly or indirectly.

The Canadian Mental Health Association reports that 1/5 people every year will have a mental health episode, almost 10% of the population will experience a major depressive state in their lifetime, and suicide is the leading cause of death from adolescence to middle age for both men and women.

These mental health struggles and challenges also include us. We have both had more than our fair share of problems, triumphs, successes, and misfires, and we believe sharing those with you could be of tremendous benefit.

The purpose of this episode is to share what, in our experience, we have found helpful in positively affecting our mental states and how we've managed to overcome our own, personal mental health challenges.

Here Is What We Covered

  • Our own person mental health challenges and what that meant growing up and in adult life.
  • How we've managed, and the tips and tactics that we have personally found the most helpful day to day in dealing with our own mental health struggles.
  • A review of books that we've read, courses we've taken, or people we've found that have been valuable in helping create and maintain our personal mental health.

Stuff From This Episode

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