Can Science End Peanut Allergies?

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on December 3, 2018 - 3:31pm

In a study published in the New England Journal Of Medicine, scientists and researchers were attempting to help kids with peanut allergies survive in a (for lack of better terms) peanut infested world.

The clinical goal of the research was to systematically expose the treatment group to small amounts of controlled peanut protein every day for 6 months and then a maintenance dose of peanut protein everyday for another 6 months in an effort to get the children to be able to consume a small amount of peanut protein with no ill effect.

In essence, the study is aimed at increasing the adaptability of the human body.

Why should you care about this?

You care because adaptability, or at least that principle, is the very essence of health. If your body has a strong immune system - and one of the ways an immune system stays strong is it's exposed to a manageable level of bacteria and viruses - it gets stronger.

If you systematically expose yourself to heavier weights at the gym you get physically stronger. If you expose yourself to mental stress, you get mentally tougher, etc.

The purpose of the podcast is to help reinforce the idea that adaptability and improving it should be central to what you seek to do if you want to get the best out of your body.

Here Is What We Covered

  • A review of the article found on Healthline and most importantly the mechanism used by the doctors in the research study and how you can leverage the same concepts with your own health.
  • Why adaptability is one of the key aspects to maintaining and creating health in your body, and how a lack of adaptability can leave you open and susceptible to poor health, disease and infection.

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Can Science Put an End to Peanut Allergies?

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