Why Good Posture Matters

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on November 27, 2018 - 3:49pm

Stand up straight and don’t slouch.

Part of being a kid is having our parents tell us to stand up tall about a million and a half times. I’m sure our parents just wanted us to look good and not look like a lazy slouch... but who would have known just how accurate their advice was with regards to maximizing the health of our bodies.

Yes, it’s true, many people the fear the ugliness and sloppiness that poor posture brings - nobody wants to have a massive hump at the base of their neck when they are older - but poor posture affects ALL aspects of your health and physiology - not just the physical ones.

The purpose of this podcast is to cover the adverse health effects that poor posture has on your body mechanics and physiology.

Here Is What We Covered

  • What is considered bad posture and why. It's one thing to know that having bad posture is bad for you, but why is it bad for you? What makes it that way?
  • A fundamental review of anatomy and physiology, specifically focusing on your spine and nerve system and how the neuro-spinal core is the control system of the body.
  • How bad posture affects the things you know about but how it might also be affecting things in your body you might not know about as well. Once you understand how the mechanics of your spine work, this will make more sense.
  • Tips and strategies for improving your posture. It's easy to say or think I'm just going to spend more time sitting up, or I'll get a stand-up desk that will help," but that might not be the best strategy.

Stuff From This Episode

Why good posture matters

Getting It Straight Improve Your Posture for Better Health

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