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The Life By Design Centre
Dr. Jamie Richards
Dr. Chantel LeClair

Engineered for better overall health, increased performance and maximizing longevity, this is The Life By Design Centre.

Built by experts just for you. Life By Design is your lifestyle for a lifetime.  

The Life By Design Method™ is a comprehensive approach to building the foundation for a healthy life.  Testing, customization and follow-up are hallmarks of all successful health programs and trademarks of the professional team at The Life By Design Centre. 

The Life By Design Method™ addresses the primary pillars of incredible health - fuel to nourish and rebuild; movement to create more energy, mobility and strength; mindset to establish clear goals and habits; and structure to protect the vital communication system required for everything else to work as designed.

One Location. Unlimited Results. The Life By Design Centre.

Life By Design Podcast

If you are at all interested in health, life, success, and happiness, this podcast is for you. Dr. Jamie Richards and Dr. Kresimir Jug never shy away from an interesting and fun conversation that will leave you, passionately engaged, ready to take action, and always wanting to learn more.

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Increased Back Comfort, Improved Walking Comfort & More Felixibility!
- Mark G.