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Dr. Crystal Foo

Crystal Foo (D.C) graduated with a Master of Chiropractic (Distinction) from the University of South Wales, United Kingdom. She previously practiced in Singapore but have decided to move back to her hometown to be closer to family and friends, and also to serve the local community.

When Dr. Crystal was young, she sustained a fall which lead to intense pain. Her attending chiropractor back then has inspired her to pursue the same profession as her career. She has since then developed a passion for non-invasive, holistic method of care.
During her free time, Dr. Crystal enjoys going for walks with her dog, star gazing and reading.

Dr. Crystal is a member of the Hong Kong Chiropractors Council, and also of the Association of Chiropractic Malaysia (ACM). She currently practices in Bodycare Chiro & Physio (Kota Kinabalu).

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